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Why should wine be drunk with pizza? Wine is a natural product made from grapes, it does not ferment in the stomach and it helps us to digest naturally. It is high in antioxidants which, when taken in the right quantity, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease; moderate wine drinkers are more likely to have a longer life. Drinking wine is a pleasurable activity as it releases endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones! The PWM range of wines includes a WHITE version that pairs excellently with “white” pizzas (without tomato sauce) or with vegetables; the ROSE’ version is an ideal accompaniment to fish, mushroom or cereal-based pizzas and finally, the RED version goes well with meat or cold cut-based pizzas.
PIZZA WINE MARGHERITO is a blend of wines from select, high-quality Italian grapes which have a low sulfite content; it has a young, fresh taste and it is available in the ROSE’, WHITE and RED versions to be savoured with all types of pizza and … much more besides! Come and discover the entire range
Pizza Wine Margherito

The first wine productto be drunk with pizza

Pizza Wine Margherito is the new, exclusive wine both conceived and produced to be especially savoured with a tasty pizza. Try it in all of its three versions: RED, WHITE and ROSE'!

Discover Pizza Wine Margherito
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Bacco & Affini was founded on the basis of passion for the good things in life; the corporate philosophy is aimed at the marketing of wines that have been selected by paying particular attention to ecological aspects without using chemical treatments or which are limited to essentials. These are wine products with an excellent quality/price ratio coming from a select production focusing on the finer things in life through good food and wine to be savoured on a daily basis! Come and discover the entire range
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